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CV Boots and Axles

CV Boot Replacement Services at Tilly Mill Auto Center

CV joints connect the transmission to wheels.  Each drive axle has two CV joints. The inner CV joint connects the transmission to axle, and the outer joint connects axle to wheels. As your vehicle encounters road force, the CV joints move in conjunction with the suspension system while helping the wheels maintain a constant velocity.

A CV boot houses a CV joint and protects it by keeping out dirt, debris, and other elements. CV boots are made of rubber or plastic strong enough to withstand the constant bending of the CV joints. The boots also ensure that the CV joints remain lubricated by encapsulating the required amount of lithium moly grease. CV boots degrade with age and periodic inspections can prolong the life of CV joints and prevent costly future repairs or replacements.

Why Should You Have CV Boot Replacement Services Performed?

Since your CV boot keeps your CV joint properly lubricated, any splits in the CV boot will lead to a loss of lubrication. The resulting metal on metal contact can wear down your CV joints fairly quickly. You should also note that heat and friction can eventually degrade your CV boot.

Because CV boots also keep the area of lubrication clean and prevent any damaging dirt or debris from harming the CV joint, replacing a cracked or torn CV boot as soon as possible is extremely important.

A visual inspection of your CV boots at Tilly Mill Auto Center will help determine whether or not the boot needs to be replaced. Our CV boot replacement will help the CV joint stay properly lubricated and help ensure proper transfer of motion from the transmission to the wheels. Neglecting regular inspections of the CV boot and accompanying components may lead to more expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

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